Free Download of Software for PC and Laptop : A Practical Review

10 Most Powerful Free Download of Software

There are few Must Have Softwares which every computer users and professional should install on their computer. These are bare necessities for operating the system professionally. A brief description of these Free Download of Software is given below:-

1. Ccleaner: It is an award winning PC Optimization and Registry cleaner software with a host of other management features. It is available freely and can be downloaded by visiting the Ccleaner  website.
2. FastStone Capture: It is perhaps the best free screen capturing software which is available for use with handy features. It is a Must Have Tool and can be downloaded by visiting FastStone  from their site.
3. DAEMON Tools: It is a freely available and a Must Have imaging tool important for all PCs. It helps you to create images of your optical discs very efficiently. This tool can be downloaded by visiting the Daemon Tool  website free of cost.
4. Avast Antivirus: Avast is a Free Software Download, available antivirus tool with a host of features. You can visit Avast  to freely download it.
5. Malwarebytes: Malwares are similar to a virus but often attack our system differently so to protect our PCs we require Malwarebytes which is a very potent tool available all freely. You can visit Malwarebytes to download it.

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Some More Free Downloads

6. Folder Sizes Explorer: This is yet another very powerful freeware which is definitely a Must Have for all the computers. Nowadays we use very bulky hard drives with lots of memory space. It is not possible to use windows explorer very randomly to access the memory of individual folders. Therefore Folder Sizes Explorer proves to be a convenient tool to find out what’s consuming our memory space and to figure out what to delete. You can visit Folder Sizes Explorer to download it.
7. Dropbox: This is one of the very convenient and most accessible cloud storage facility available for storing different formats of files. This is also very helpful in selective sharing of the contents with friends and other people. You can visit Dropbox  to download it freely.
8. VLC Media Player: This is yet another Free Download of Software,  used to play various videos, slide shows and graphics. This software supports almost all the media formats and is one of the Must Have software for every PCs. You can visit VLC Media Player  to download it.
9. Real Downloader: This is a software used for downloading videos from the internet. This is a freeware and you can use it for a variety of downloads including the famous Youtube videos. You can visit Real Downloader  to download it.
10. & PicMoney: is a free graphics editing software which by at large provides similar functions like Photoshop all without any cost. You can use PicMoney for online creation and editing of a picture. You can visit & PicMoney respectively to  Free Download of Software.

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