Blogger Vs WordPress : A Complete Comparative Study V/s V/s : Which One is Better?


Blogger Vs WordPress comparison involves a comparison between,, and Can you find out which is better for you and why?

While browsing through WordPress Org Site, you will be taken to its eye catching quote.

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

What does this quote indicate? WordPress is a software application which is provided by the WordPress.Org Site. And usability of this software is absolutely free. It propounds that you can create a beautiful website, blog or an application by use of this software.

There are other applications too, which are very popular and available for free. and fall into this category. There are some more softwares like Drupal, Joomla, SharePoint and Tumblr etc. but they are based on different platform and are not the subject of discussion at this point.

They are known as CMS or Content Management System. Let us discuss some of the ingredients of these applications. Let us also do a comparative study of Blogger vs WordPress.

Is WordPress Org Site really free?

YES and NO both at the same time. The software application provided by Site is absolutely FREE but to publish your work in a form of website, blog or an application on the internet, you require hosting services which are not free.

So in anyway, if you are going to use, you will have to cough up some money to different hosting service providers. Also, there will be an ancillary cost on purchase of themes, plugins etc. if you opt for them.

Are and both same?

Absolutely NOT. Both are the separate service providers and there are lots of difference between the both websites. Let us examine here Pros and Cons of and sites. is an absolutely FREE service and includes the use of its software application and the hosting part free of cost.

On the surface it sounds very attractive and free, however, in reality, this service is free only up to the use of 3 GB. Beyond this limit, the charges money normally at the rate of $19.95 per year for 5GB or $289.97 per year for 100GB space.

Where does blogger vs WordPress fit in this context? Well, we will study that subject a bit later. For the time being let us concentrate on the difference between and

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WordPress Org Site, on the other hand, provides use of its software application FREE of cost but you need to pay for the hosting services.

Hosting services are not provided by site and you can use any of the third party hosting providers like Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator etc. for hosting your website.

There are several other PLUS points of WordPress Org Site. Availability of wide varieties of themes both free and paid in ample numbers, Plugins for any specific desired tasks, Ease of SEO implementation, Most vibrant WordPress Community and forums for the help of newbies and fellow bloggers etc. are some of the points that one can count upon.

A Comparative study of Blogger Vs WordPress and may seem to be relative to one another. You may find ostensibly quite a bit of similarity between them. But what about It is certainly a different game altogether.

So let us concentrate on a comparative study of Blogger vs WordPress.

When you log into the and create a blog from its dashboard, you will find that your blog is hosted at  the URL  Here please note that ‘your blog’ is your blog’s sub-domain name.

This means provides software applications and hosting services on its domain called

Blogger is a public utility application and hosting service provider, managed by Google. It is available completely FREE OF COST and is very well known in the blogger community for providing a platform to all newbies to learn and master the art of blogging without charging even a penny from them.

Blogger may not be commercially viable and appreciable but still with new advents, you can use the custom domains to host your blogs to give a totally personalized look. Nowadays even many third party templates are available which boost the blogger outlook and brings it comparatively at par and into competition with totally commercial WordPress Org Site services.

Conclusively at the paradox, and to present a gist of the comparison between blogger vs wordpress, You can say that is COMPLETELY FREE, is FREE whereas is a PAID service to Blog and host your sites.


For the blogger community and the professionals, WordPress Org Site is their FIRST CHOICE. It provisions full control of the Site and provides freedom of maneuverability.

We recommend WordPress Org Site for blogging and hosting your sites. But if you a newbie and a learner, you must start with

With the comparative study of Blogger vs WordPress, hope you have found some of the insights of this famous CMS.  Now you will be better equipped to take the right decision, of which one to use for your blogging needs.

All the Best.

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