How to Manage Cortana Windows 10 Assistant

Windows 10 has been integrated with Cortana Windows 10 Assistant. It is very user friendly and helpful in searching the contents from your desktop as well as the internet. After installation of Windows 10 on your PC, it requires some time to index your contents on the PC. After the process of indexing is over, it just requires a Click job to find desired materials. You can also use Cortana Windows 10 Assistant to browse for different materials from the internet by typing the keywords.

Cortana Windows 10 Assistant



Cortana works as your personal Windows 10 Assistant. You can find answers to your queries not by just typing it on the search area but also through interacting with your voice. Her natural language ability helps avoid misunderstanding and lets users interact by typing or talking. She learns the user’s preferences and offers quick access to information, while making recommendations personalized.


In spite of all those benefits, some of my friends have reported that they don’t like sharing information with Microsoft and cloud and therefore they just don’t want to disable it. OK then here is the solution.


Go to Cortana setting.
Click on ‘Manage what Cortana knows about me‘.
Cortana after integration with bing settings, bing settings window opens.
By signing with the bing with your Microsoft account you can manage your various Windows 10 Assistant settings.


You can use on Cortana ‘Bing safe search options‘ and ‘Other Privacy settings‘ to manage your preference.
Thats it. Enjoy 🙂
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