Free Microsoft Customer Service for Windows 10

By now many of you might have already migrated to Windows 10 because it was available absolutely free. The Recent generosity of Microsoft has allowed Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade their system to Windows 10 free of cost. In the process, you may face certain problems. Therefore to deal it here is Microsoft Customer Service.

Microsoft Customer Service for Windows 10

Those who have not upgraded and are still struggling to find the required Windows 10 upgrade icon on their task bar of the desktop may Click here to find an answer. Those who have already got the icon, yet their up gradation to Windows 10 is not beginning may Click here to manually trigger the download for Windows 10 as an upgrade.

If you have already migrated to Windows 10 platform, and if you are facing some hiccups or problems, always look for Microsoft Customer Service for a help. Microsoft Tech Support service is one of the specialized services which are provided to the Microsoft customers. They are available free of cost and they can be assessed easily, well within the applications of Windows 10 itself. So How to find it or how to go about it?

  • Type in the ‘Search the web and Windows’: Contact Support to find the Microsoft Customer Service.
  • You will find the Contact Support option as shown with the red arrow in the picture.
  • Click on this option. You must have your internet ON to get the online Tech support from Microsoft.
  • Now click on Services & apps.
  • A new window will open offering you to choose from various options.
  • Now select the type of support you are looking for. Here you can choose first ‘Windows’ and then the ‘Technical Support’.
  • Now you can click on ‘Chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech’ to get online support from a Microsoft Technical expert.
Now put up your queries before the Microsoft Technical expert and they will help you to resolve it.

Under Contact Support option of Microsoft Customer Service, a host of services are available from the Microsoft. You can use it to resolve your various problems.

Good Luck !!!
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