Don’t Track Your Own Page Views Error

How to Resolve ‘Don’t Track Your Own Page Views’ Error Issue in Blogger?

When you go to Blogger’s My Blog > Stats > Overview page to check your blog’s statistics, you find there, an option to avoid tracking your own views through Don’t track your own pageviews option. Obviously every blogger is interested to check the number of page views of their visitors only and NOT their own page views. Therefore you may be interested in using the option, Don’t track your own page views provided in the blogger to STOP monitoring your own page views.

Here is how you attempt to do it?

You obviously click on the “Don’t track your own page views” option as provided by the blogger shown in the above picture.
When you click on it the blogger displays another small window asking you to confirm it by clicking on “I understand” button as shown in the below picture.
When you click on the “I understand” button, it takes little time and in pace of Blogger letting you to STOP tracking your own page views, instead it throws up an error message, shown in the below picture. Obviously “Don’t track your own page views” process has not been completed and is interrupted.
Your all other attempts to complete this process may end up without any result. So what to do in this situation? Is their any ways to STOP monitoring our own page views?
Well, till the date, there has not been any solution from the Google to resolve this error message and letting you complete the process smoothly. There is definitely some software issues which needs to be resolved by the Google.
Though “Don’t track your own page views” option may not work but Yes there are other ways to stop tracking your own views. One of those is here. By following the under mentioned STEPS you can very well STOP the blogger from tracking your own page views.
  • One by one go to and log in to it from each browsers viz. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer etc. and perform the following steps.
  • While you remain logged in to the,  by help of tabs open a new window.
  • Copy and Paste the following texts into the news window’s address bar and enter.

  • Your new window will display the following text.

           // API callback

Now hereafter whenever you login in to from this particular browser your own page views will not be tracked.
It is always advisable to repeat the Copy Paste step whenever you log in to to update your blog status. This will double make sure that your own page views are NOT tracked.

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