Lock the Screen of your Computer in Seconds for Security and Safety

Lock the Screen for Security

Many times it happens that you are required to go for a few minutes away from your computer table for some work. During this period you want to Lock the screen of your computer.

Since You are absent from your computer just for few minutes, obviously, you can not afford to shut down your PC during that period and after coming back again switch it ON. This will be simply a time consuming and undesirable activity.

So how to lock your PC during your period of absence from the computer table? In the following paragraph, I am going to discuss on this topic and will provide a simplistic way to tackle the problem.

  • Lock the Screen of your computer in seconds when you get up from work.
  • Security and Safety of your computer are of paramount importance to you.
  • Don’t want someone to work on your computer in your absence?
  • It is the easy one to do this. 
  • Just press Windows + L. It will lock the screen of your system right away, requiring a password (if you’ve set one) to log in again.
Lock the Screen
Use this very useful tip to lock the screen when you desire and enjoy 🙂

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