Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana not Working : How to Fix it?

Often while working on Windows 10 at least at some instance of time, you may come across the problem of windows 10 start menu and cortana not working. The question is how to fix it?

This is a critical problem and requires immediate attention. Otherwise very soon the system is going to be unusable.

I have found a quick immediate solution to resolve this problem. If you are facing this problem and looking for an solution for the problem of windows 10 start menu and cortana not working, then please go through this article step by step.

The solution is very simple. Just try to boot your system in safe mode and then return to the Normal mode of operation. This activity has resolved the problem in my computer and also this has been tried successfully on some of my fellow’s computer. So do it as follows.

How to boot in Safe Mode?

To find an answer to the problem of windows 10 start menu and cortana not working, first, go to Safe Mode.

1.  Restart your system. If power button in your desktop is working choose the Restart option, otherwise, press the power button 2-3 times to STOP and START the system. Remember to keep pressing the ‘Shift’ key when your system is restarting.

2.  You may soon find yourself in the recovery environment. From there choose the option ‘Troubleshoot > Advance Option > Startup Settings > Restart.

3.  Now on your desktop, you will be presented a number of options to boot the system including the command prompt and also the Safe Mode with Networking option.

4.  Choose the option ‘Safe Mode with Networking’.

5.  Your computer must now boot in Safe mode.

6.  You are now done. From here you can restart the system to boot in normal mode.


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Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana not Working Problem Fixed

Now to your surprise eventually you may find that your Start Menu and the Cortana is responding well.

At this point, you are advised to make sure that your Windows update services are running in automatic mode. You must try here to  Fix the Corrupted Files  after performing some basic computer recovery activities.

You should also run the system update and ensure that your computer has been loaded with the latest available updates.

If you don’t perform the update activities, there is a likely hood that the next time you start your computer, your problems may return back i.e the problem of windows 10 start menu and Cortana not working may resurface.

Hope this article has helped to resolve the problem relating to windows 10 start menu and Cortana not working.

All the Best.


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