Use of WhatsApp Web

Use WhatsApp Web – No need to look at your phone while surfing the Internet on your Laptop/Desktop


“WhatsApp Web on your Windows PC using Android Emulators Like Bluestacks.” We all have heard about this, right?

What if you can just switch between the tabs (ctrl+tab) in your browser and use WhatsApp ? Yes, you can do that J.
Before we begin, You have to switch to Google Chrome to achieve this as you all know Android is a product of Google, so Google will make sure you won’t use any other Browser then Chrome.

WhatsApp Web

And of course, if you are an IOS users, you won’t be able to triumph this tip. So, for Android and Google Chrome users, follow the steps:

1. Copy and Paste this URL in the address bar of your Chrome Browser and press Enter.

2. Now Scan the QR Code from your Phone. WhatsApp -> Menu -> WhatsApp Web and Scan QR Code. (You should have latest WhatsApp application on your Android device)

3. Scanning the QR Code will pair your Phone’s WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web.Now you will be able to see Messages on Your WhatsApp Web Client in Google Chrome.

 So, that’s it.  Switch between the tabs and tell your friends about this trick of WhatsApp Web.


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