How to Add HTML Text Box in a Blogger Post : A Step by Step Approach

Use of HTML Text Box is a convenient and easy way to put an application for the use. Let us find out, how to do it?

Using Quotes in Blogger post may not be desirable sometimes for sharing widgets or codes in a blog. It becomes abundantly undesirable more particularly when the source codes are too lengthy or bigger in length and are occupying a large space in your post. Use of such lengthy codes may at times cause disinterest in your post to the users. Therefore Use of “HTML Text Box” is a ready made remedy for such scenarios.

Text box are used to accommodate lengthy codes in a limited space by use of scrolling options or sliders. Visitors can slide the post to read up to the last of the source code or use ‘Ctrl+A’ option to select the whole text box area for copying purposes.

Adding HTML Text Box

Find below a ‘Demo’ Example of the look of the HTML Text box.

To add a HTML Text box in your blog post, simply copy paste the following code. You can amend the row and column values as per your requirements. You must be in HTML mode of posting while inserting the code. In Compose mode it won’t work.

<textarea rows=”5″ cols=”40″>
Your Code Or Text

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