SEO Proposal for Optimization of Post Using Tags

Overused H2 Tags and Missing H1 Tag Cases in SEO Proposal for Optimization of Post

SEO Proposal for Optimization of Post discusses various google factors responsible for ranking of a keyword. Importance and use of tags are one of those factors. Let us find out how to use them?
A few days back, I was discussing with my friend regarding common practices of using tags in our posts. Tags are also used to optimize for SEO. While deliberation few specific things came to be known and therefore, I would like to share them with my blogging friends.
In blogging, many of our friends often mix para links, title and H1 tags altogether.
Yes, it is a truth that whatever you write on the title bar of the post, becomes the para link for the post in next 10-20 seconds automatically. But that is not all. The title is the H1 tag for the post is also a big misconception.
So in this scenario, what I am going to recommend is that we must adhere to the following norms while posting some thing on the blog. Any SEO Proposal for Optimization of the post include these norms.

SEO Proposal for Optimization of Post

1.  Before writing something for a post be clear and if possible pen it down the would be the perma link for the post, title for the post and the H1 tag for the post (If your title tag is not H1 tag).
2.  Now whatever you want to be the perma link for the post just type those things in the title bar of the post and wait for it to be automatically saved in 10-20 seconds. Please check back that it has been correctly saved as per the desired plan. If there is some thing wrong in that, please correct it and save it using the custom perma link option.
3.  Now Retype properly the decided title for the post in the title bar.
4.  In the post, description use the HTML page and put the h1 tag by using the following simple HTML code and save it.
5.  Now you can go ahead with the normal process of writing the post.
Moving back to the subject topic, yes it is true that in most of the cases, our blogger friends excessively use the h2 tag where as they completely miss the h1 tag in their post.
It happens because they do not practice religiously the above-mentioned norms for the post.
We must always remember that every post should begin with a heading and it should be different from the title. Additionally, h2 and h3 tags should be also put in a blog post for a better SEO. Additionally, Use of proper keywords is another area which is singularly the most important factor for a good SEO result.


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Summarizing the above discussion, we can safely conclude the logical sequence of posting. This requires us to follow the sequence as Title, Heading (h1), Sub-headings (h2), Sub-subheading (h3) in a post. The tag h2 and h3 can be used as per the requirement for two or more times but h1 tag should be always used singularly.
In most of the cases, it is found that people don’t use the heading for the post at all and they use h2 and h3 tags heavily which should be avoided.
Hope this article on the topic SEO Proposal for Optimization helps you in the proper online optimization of  your post.
Happy blogging 🙂

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