The SiteBlog Starter : Your Checklist of How to Start a Blog?

Blogging History : How to Build a Siteblog

The question put up above is not very exclusive. How to Build a Siteblog explicitly denotes the query that how to write a blog?

Blogging is a wonderful experience. it is wonderful to share our ideas, feelings, knowledge, concerns, news, and developments in the field of Information Technology or else where. Sharing is to Bonding.

 A SiteBblog  or simply put, a Blog is a discussion or informational site data which is published on the ‘World Wide Web’ network and consists of entries like posts which are presented in its reverse order. The term ‘Reverse Order’ for a blog denotes or signifies its appearance on the site in an order where the most recent post appears on the top and oldest one is always at the last or bottom. This is how a siteblog is structured.


A blog is also known as a regularly updated web page which is typically run by individuals or a very small group of people and where its contents are written in its most informal or conversational style. Siteblog also uses terminologies such as Weblogs. These names were given during its initial days of the invention during 1990s, when blogging used to be just a one-way communication from the publisher side most ostensibly in the form of an online diary. Publishers were just presenting their views without getting any response or without having provision for any interaction from the users or the reader’s side.
In last 25 years, blogging has undergone many revolutionary changes. Right from its contents presentation and design part to provisions of various forms of interactions with the users. Nowadays a blogger can enter online communication with the reader of the siteblog and instantly discuss the various aspects of the subject. Different tools are available for such interactions.

Who Can Write a Blog?

The question is, some times put as, Who should write a Blog? Well, every one who has some piece of information on a given subject and would like to keep updating it can do so in a form of SiteBlog. Any one who has a passion for speaking some thing to the masses or presenting his ideas before they can write a blog. This is just a perfect platform to do such activities.


However, there is a word of Caution. Before committing to the act or job of Blogging One should just ask a question to themselves and determine that whether blogging is just right for them. Why such questions? Well, there is a need for it. If you are not clear about your perspectives, you may soon find that this was just a waste of time and energy and in all probabilities, sooner or later, you will close the siteblog. From a rough estimate, almost 50% of the bloggers, who start blogging just stop doing so in their maximum six months of undertaking this task. Therefore be clear in your mind, about your this newly found passion, capability and objectives of blogging and availability of time for it.
Blogging can be a joy of expressing your mind. It can prove to be a tool for sharing your thought. It can lead you to an obscure world of gaining and finding knowledge from hitherto unknown people. You are likely to be heavily criticized for your opinions on a subject or wisdom. So Are you prepared for it? Are you aware of such eventualities? Do you really have in you the PASSION, CAPABILITY and you are clear about your OBJECTIVES? Are you sure that you have enough TIME for accomplishing all this? Do you have a continuous source of information to share on siteblog?
If the answer to all of the above question is YES, then please go for it. You have come to the right place. Blogging is the real tool for you and you are the right candidate for it. Happy Blogging 🙂

How to Write your First SiteBlog?

I will not discuss right away here about what should you DO or what you should NOT do in blogging. I will also not discuss How to do correctly all those things. Neither I am a professional nor a master of such technicalities that I can advise you. Slowly when you plunge into the water you will naturally learn all these things. My first deliberation here will be to facilitate you to start. So please follow me.

I will suggest and recommend you to use Google’s to write your first post as it is very versatile yet simple with almost all of the right tools for blogging. So let us begin now.
  • Sign in or register yourself at the If you already have a Google account or Gmail account you can use it for logging in to
  • After logging to, Click on the New Blog button on the left-hand side of the dashboard and write a name for your blog and press Create blog button.
  • Be careful. You are naming your blog. You are giving a Name to your SiteBlog. Hereafter you can refer your blog by this Name. So Be Wise and Choose Wisely. Name your blog with a unique and ostensibly subject oriented Name. 
  • Now here you will see a popup message by the allowing you to choose a template for the blog. Just do it as you desire.
  • Here is your first blog created now. In the address bar of the browser, you can see that it is written something like Your blog name is the name given by you for the name of the blog. Now please move to your Dashboard.


The Dashboard

1. In the Overview view the name of my blog “Explore My India” is visible. In your case, You can look for the name of your blog.
2. You can go to Posts or Pages tab for creating a new Posts or Page.
3. You can browse through other options like Comments, Stats, Earnings, Campaigns, Layout etc. I will just give you a short brief about these options.
4. At Comments tab, you can see your all published comments for the siteblog.
5. The Stats tab give you statistics about your blog posts page views and source of the traffic.
6. The Earnings tab helps you to enable Adsense for enabling the advertisement options on your blog.
7. Campaigns tab helps you to create a campaign to grow your audience.
8. Layout section helps you to customize your siteblog area and helps you to add, remove various widgets on it.
9. Template section helps you to customize your template either through the built in options or through entering the appropriate code in the Edit HTML body.
10. Settings tab helps you to tune up your various Settings options.
So please choose Posts tab from your Dashboard and create your first post for the SiteBlog and publish it. You can view your post in your browser. So friends ALL THE BEST. Happy Blogging.
It has been approximately two and half months of time since I published my first blog on blogger. Today, I thought it is time now for me to share my experience with you guys about how to start blogging. So here I was doing exactly the same. I will discuss later on about the various other aspects of blogging selectively in my subsequent posts. So please be with me, and till then Good bye friends.
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