Number of Google Adsense Ads on a Single Page for Monetization

Maximum Number of Google Adsense Ads on a Single Web Page

One of the most prevalent, reliable and trustworthy modes of monetization of websites is Google Adsense Ads. Do you have it?

I got approval for Adsense six months back and since then I have incorporated this mode of advertisement to my sites.

I have been learning from different sources about the number of Google Adsense Ads that can be placed per page. But things were always confusing. It took almost about 3-4 months of the time period to get fully acquainted with this system of advertisement and the real number of Google Adsense Ads that can be put per web pages on a site.

In the following paras I am going to deliberate upon this subject only.

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Different Types of Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is one of the premium and very reliable mode of advertisement for publishers. It offers different types of ads that vary content, category, size and placement wise. For a better understanding of the type, Google Adsense Ads can be classified into three broader categories.

Contents Ads
Link Ads
Search Ads

Content Ads are the type of advertisements that can be Text, Image or Display based. For an example click on Text Ads or Display Ads .

Whereas the Link Ads are the type of advertisements which provides textual links for the user to click. For example, click on Link Ads .

And finally, the Search Ads, as the name signified are the type of advertisements that appear on Google search result pages on opting for the custom searches in the web pages. For an example click on Search Ads .

As far as the permissible limits of number are concerned the following criteria holds good for Google Adsense Ads.

Content Ads: Max. 03 units per page.
Link Ads: Max. 03 units per page.
Search Ads: Max. 02 units per page.

It is entirely up to the publisher to decide on the number of Ads that he decides to put on his web page based on the above limitations. It is always advisable to not go for the maximum limits of Ads on a page but decide purely based upon the content and page design of the site.

Please let me know the number of Google Adsense Ads you are using on your web pages.

Thanks and Happy Blogging 🙂

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