Math Input Panel

Easy Way of Writing Mathematical Equations in a Word File by the help of Math Input Panel

Those who attempt to write mathematical equations or formulas in their word file for any project or work are fully aware of the fact that, it is really a very difficult and cumbersome task. At many instances, you just can not write it, even by using symbols provided by the Microsoft Word. So What is the option before us? How to write it? Math Input Panel is one of the solutions for it.

Recently while browsing through the internet, I came across this easy way to do such tasks. It was a windows integrated option. For the convenience and benefit of all my friends, therefore here I am elaborating and sharing the Math Input Panel.
  • Just open your Run Command window as shown in the top picture.
  • You can do this by using the combination of Window button + R and <Enter>.
  • Run Command Window will open before you.
  • Type there mip and <Enter>.
  • Math Input Panel or MIP Window will open for you as shown in the above picture.
  • Now you can use your mouse as a pen and can attempt to write the desired formulas and equations over there.
  • You can also preview the written formula in a neat and clean manner in the MIP panel itself.
  • You can use the ‘Insert’ button to insert your formula into the word processor like Microsoft Word.
  • Please always do remember that your formulas will be inserted at the point where your cursor is blinking on the Word file.
  • You can use Math Input Panel in any version of windows right from Window XP to Window 10.
Enjoy it 🙂

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