Top Tips On How to Make Money Online with Google

One of the most relevant question that a blogger asks to himself in his lifetime is How to Make Money Online with Google?

No blogger can afford to blog endlessly without thinking for an avenue to monetize his blog. In the same prerogative, the associated supplementary question could be to ask that at what point in the management of his blog should a blogger ask the question When Should I Monetize My Blog in order to make money online with google.

For most bloggers perhaps the answer could be, sooner you start feeling comfortable with the nitty-gritty of the blogging, you should opt for monetization.

You need to support your blog. There are regular expenses in the maintenance of the blog.

Most bloggers are not here for an philanthropic cause, wherein they can afford to divert their hard earned money for the cause of blogging. There fore it is necessary to ask this question from thyself that How to Make Money Online with Google?

Significance of Monetization

  1. Monetization act as an influencer which helps you to be more creative, more punctual and more motivated in your attempts of blogging.
  2. You come to learn a lot about the new spheres, new avenues and new technologies of monetization. The question How to Make Money Online with Google? find several answers in its diversities.
  3. It helps you to explore and stick to the rules and regulations of putting the contents on the internet so that it serves its purpose and do not violet the set standards of the network. Every monetizing agency has their set of rules and regulations which the publishers have to follow in order to monetize their contents.

One day, during my early days of blogging, I met with a very experienced blogger and as it happens to every newbie, out of curiosity I asked him the question, How to Make Money Online with Google? And you know what was his answer? He gave me five tips. He told me before starting any monetization attempt you should ensure the following.

How to Make Money Online with Google from Your Blog

  • Firstly, Build your blog in good formats.
  • Secondly, Right at least 50 posts.
  • Thirdly, Create some good and amazing contents capable of binding the readers.
  • Fourthly, Create some natural back links.
  • Fifthly, ensure that some good amount of organic traffic has started flowing to your blog.

To be very honest, I did not follow his advice and in just three months of my blogging career, when even my alexa rating was very poor, I applied for google adsense and started monetization. The result was a lot of frustrations as I was not able to earn anything from my blog.

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Now in light of the above deliberations, when some one ask you the question, How to Make Money Online with Google?  Your advice should be apart from the above mentioned five tips, the following to add up.

  1. Use a good theme which is attractive enough for the taste of readers.
  2. Ensure SEO compatibility of your blog.
  3. Give some time in choosing the appropriate advertising network simpatico to your blog contents.
  4. Invest your time and energy in finding the appropriate keywords which are capable of generating some good income for you.
  5. Lastly, Find your target market and develop a strategy to engage your audience.

Hope this article has thrown some lights on the pertinent question of How to Make Money Online with Google? There must be some response. Please do write me back in the form of your comments about your experiences on monetization. Your valued advises are always welcomed.

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